Date:19 - 29 August 2014
Title: Validation of satellite active fire data sets using coincident prescribed fire opportunities in Kruger National Park
Location: Kruger National Park

Date:5 - 7 February 2013
Title:9th Southern African Fire Network (SAFNet) Meeting
Location: Tanzania
More information:Download (2MB)

Date:8 - 10 May 2011
Title:8th SAFNET meeting report
Location: Golden Gate
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Date:5 - 8 May 2011
Title:8th Southern Africa Fire Network (SAFNet) meeting
Location: Golden Gate National Park - South Africa
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Date:22 - 26 September 2008
Title:7th SAFNET meeting: Towards Effective Regional Fire Management Policies and Operational status
Location: Caprivi - Namibia
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Date:2 - 4 October 2006
Title:6th SAFNET meeting: Fire Risk Assessment and Early Warning: Putting Fire management Issues on the Public Agenda in Southern Afri
Location: Maputo - Mozambique
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Date:9 - 13 August 2004
Title:5th SAFNET meeting: Towards Meeting Fire Management Challenges in Southern Africa
Location: Mangochi - Malawi
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Date:17 - 23 August 2003
Title:4th SAFNET meeting: Satellite based fire products and MODIS validation
Location: Kruger National Park - South Africa

Date:29 July 2002 - 1 August 2002
Title:3rd SAFNET meeting: SAFNET goals, vision and objectives
Location: University of Botswana

Date:11 - 19 July 2000
Title:SAFARI 2000 meeting
Location: Siavonga - Zambia

Date:19 - 23 April 1999
Title:IGBP/START Miombo Network meeting on Fire Management in Miombo
Location: Matopo - Zimbabwe